Māori Health Promotion

Rangatahi Tu Rangatira recognises there are many things that affect people's wellness.

We promote a holistic approach to mauri ora offering information and support with the following:

RIIR provides information to providers and rangatahi about:

  • Playing traditional Māori games
  • Promotion of various Māori models of health, i.e. E Tipu e Rea, Whare Tapawhā, Korowai Oranga, Te Wheke, Mauri Oho - Mauri Tau, Whānau Ora [link each term to more info]
  • Building physical activity programs on Tikanga Maori Values
  • Smokefree playing areas and support for Aukati KaiPaipa
  • Disability support
  • Physical activity and nutrition benefits and guidelines
  • Ngā rourou e toru and the four food groups healthy eating models
  • ACC injury prevention
  • Warm up and cool down principles
  • FITT principles of training
  • Sports from a Maori view
  • Immunisation information
  • Wellness checks
  • Cancer society information and links
  • National heart foundation information
  • Diabetes
  • Breast Feeding

Important Māori Health Information

  • Title
  • Random
  • E Tipu e Rea

    2010-11-17 01:25:06
    E Tipu e Rea Rangatahi Tū Rangatira has been fortunate enough to have input and advice from a number of contributors. Our sincere appreciation goes
    Read More
  • FITT Training Principles

    2010-08-18 00:59:37
    FITT Training Principles The following can help you plan and or gauge your training progress. It is highly recommended that
    Read More
  • Kia Kaha Te Kai: Easy cooking for healthy whanau.

    2010-11-01 01:45:06
    Kia Kaha Te Kai: Easy cooking for healthy whanau The cookbook is a collection of easy healthy recipes for whanau
    Read More
  • Korowai Oranga

    2012-10-17 22:04:58
    He Korowai Oranga: Māori Health Strategy The following information is from the ministry of Healths website http://www.health.govt.nz/publication/he-korowai-oranga-maori-health-strategy   Published online:
    Read More
  • Te Wheke

    2012-10-17 22:41:23
    Te Wheke Māori health models   Traditional Māori health acknowledges the link between the mind, the spirit, the human connection
    Read More
  • Tikanga Maori Values

    2010-11-17 02:05:37
    Tikanga Maori Values   Sample – Incorporating values into physical activity Value Description What it looks like How to incorporate it
    Read More
  • Whare Tapa Wha

    2010-08-09 23:22:06
    Whare Tapa Wha This health model was developed by Prof Mason Durrie. This Maori philosophy towards health is based on
    Read More


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