He Korowai Oranga: Māori Health Strategy

The following information is from the ministry of Healths website http://www.health.govt.nz/publication/he-korowai-oranga-maori-health-strategy
Published online:
02 November 2002


Emphasising whānau health and wellbeing

He Korowai Oranga: Māori Health Strategy sets the direction for Māori health development in the health and disability sector.

The strategy provides a framework for the public sector to take responsibility for the part it plays in supporting the health status of whānau.

The overall aim of He Korowai Oranga is whānau ora - Māori families supported to achieve their maximum health and wellbeing.

Whānau (kuia, koroua, pakeke, rangatahi and tamariki) is recognised as the foundation of Māori society.

As a principal source of strength, support, security and identity, whānau plays a central role in the wellbeing of Māori individually and collectively.

He Korowai Oranga asks the health and disability sectors to recognise the interdependence of people, that health and wellbeing are influenced and affected by the ‘collective’ as well as the individual, and the importance of working with people in their social contexts, not just with their physical symptoms.

Whānau ora is a strategic tool for the health and disability sector, as well as for other government sectors, to assist them to work together with iwi, Māori providers and Māori communities and whānau to increase the life span of Māori, improve their health and quality of life, and reduce disparities with other New Zealanders.


To download the complete version either in te reo or english, click the link below to go the ministry website.




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