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Check out this article whanau,,,http://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/7575825/Disruptive-push-for-Maori-health



Simple but brilliant, hope it works and can be replicated around the motu, too many awesome kaupapa out there, but no bodies knows what everyones up to,  sharing ideas and matauranga can help ensure we have better informed practice, which shd help improve the health of our whanau, hapu and Iwi

Thanks Huck for your response to the article below,,,


:P Kawau Maro : yes this is an interesting article. It is true that many of our maori children "do not have any positive male role models" BUT the reality is if the mother is SOLO parent..........there will be males in the children's life, and it is usually a generational dysfunction too. MANY femaless are shunned in the families if they don't 'bow down' - OR maori females tend to have an incapacity to not handle being 'alone'. When you're in economic poverty you can't afford the good food, THEN during times of stress or/and trauma there is usually lack of whanau support to support mother or children?? SURVIVING and trying to HEAL is the main priority. Then obviously for many it seems education on healthy eating?? and motivation to enjoy exercise as a view to attain a holistic balance of wellbeing.


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